Most of you who read my blog know I love art. I come by this naturally as my mother is an artist or what Spirit calls, a craftsman artisan, meaning that she works with her hands and is more of a ‘craftswoman’ than a ‘fine’ artist. She has sewn, painted, woodworked her way through life, and I often came along for the ride. My nature is to ‘finish’ things…in the StrengthsFinder talents, this is called an achiever. My art tends to look like things I can open and close in a single session. When I get out to my mom’s workshop, my achiever goes crazy wanting to finish all of her projects, but she, like me, works from inspiration. If I am inspired, I can start and finish anything. If I lose my inspiration anywhere along the process, I’m done. So is she.

When Minette and I did our 5-month project with Violette’s journal bliss online class (highly recommended!), I learned how to focus in on starting and finishing a single ‘step’ and to be happy with that.

Most recently, I took that wisdom and applied it to a Zentangle project I was inspired to create for a friend. The first night, I collected all of the pieces I would use to create the ‘shape.’ Then, I flipped through a Zentangle pattern book to see which patterns felt good. Then I slept on it.

The next day, I started with the motif, and filled in the rest of the pattern.

The next day I started Zentangling and did not want to stop, so I didn’t. 10 hours later, it was finished.

Inspiration can fuel us to the greatest heights! In inspiration, time slows down and evaporates.

If you have not discovered ZENTANGLES, please go to the site now. I have always loved to draw in pen and this is a new twist on that art form. I am forever grateful to Minette for introducing me to it!

I also am including some pictures of my art date with Sally Felt where we created jewelry! She commented that she thought it was interesting I flipped through a book, found something I liked and said, “I’m going to make this” without any regard of whether I would be able to according to my current jewelry making abilities. That’s where my mom’s influence stepped in… if we can ‘see it,’ we can usually create it!

By far, one of the best things about crafting together is the conversations that flow upward in the creative energy. I hope you will try this out for yourself if you feel pulled to do so!


Can you believe Sally made EVERY single one of those line pieces? Isn’t this so pretty? Smile

I made some heart earrings with rose quartz.


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