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Stephanie Nielson – Blogging Heroes

Sometimes I wonder about how we are all connected, and how we touch each others lives in ways we don’t even know.

I’m seriously behind on my Oprah watching, so I decided to take a break and watch a few episodes. Stephanie Nielson, a blogger who was loved and adored by many blogging fans of her popular blog, the Nie Nie Dialogues shared her story of coming back from the brink of death.

I sat spellbound watching the story about this woman and her prince and how they survived a plane crash that smashed the plane into a million little pieces.

What touched me the most was the courage, the heroism that came through in the interview. First, when Stephanie described how her husband, Christian broke his back trying to get the door open for her, and then when Stephanie walked out with the obvious scars from their experience in the burning aircraft. She walked out so bravely with the dazzling blue eyes that her dad said he knew it was her when he saw them through all of the bandages that covered her body, which had been burned more than 80 percent.

Then, she talked about a moment when she was in the hospital when ‘someone’… an angel… a messenger possibly – she didn’t say specifically – told her that she could choose to leave or she could choose to stay. She chose to stay… despite the pain, she came back for her family.

Wow. What a moment.

It reminded me of a moment when I prayed for a man who was in a coma. He showed me that he saw death and life, and he kept going back and forth with the decision. Until that moment, I didn’t realize that there ever is a choice. He said he didn’t want to come back if he couldn’t be whole and active like he had always been. He felt he had had a good life, and was complete with it.

And so it is… whatever it is for the person. Perfect in the choice.

Today, Stephanie reminds me that she (and we) can be a courageous hero for all of us. We bloggers who have people who love us, and think of us as family… visiting often or months at a time…it doesn’t matter. We are connected, deeply touching each other if only for a moment.

And, she and Christian are a tremendous example of true love. Oprah commented on how the studio audience responded to Christian and how he looked at Stephanie… love alive, fired in his eyes. As I watched, I could feel it too… his Presence was gentle, kind…so loving. What a gift to be so loved… what a love to come back to.

To give love like that…what a gift we all have to share, too. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your life, your courage, your love with all of us. Oprah and Oprah producers… thank you too!

Stephanie Nielson

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