Go Slow and Easy

About six months ago, I buzzed around the house doing something (obviously not THAT important as I totally do not remember what it was now), and I must have been in a little bit of a huff because Chance ran into my office, and said, “Mom, just remember, SLOW and EASY. Just go SLOW and EASY.”

What I DO remember from that moment is that I stopped, and asked myself what was putting me into a huff. And the answer was quite simply, I wanted to be about five minutes in front of where I was, and I was agitated that I wasn’t there ALREADY! lol

Can ANYONE relate to that?

So, since then, my little guy reminds me every so often…Slow and Easy… and I get to remind him too, and together we take off toward the PRESENT.

Someone wise once said, “If you go too fast, life gets to be a blur.”

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