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Yesterday, I Cried

If you like Oprah like I like Oprah, you’ve been checking out the various shows on OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network. One I knew I wanted to see is Why Not? with Shania Twain. I have loved Shania’s music ever since she came out with The Woman in Me. At the time, I worked part-time at Circuit City as a sales person and her video played repeatedly throughout the store.

Like many others, I felt mesmerized by her voice, her beauty and her authenticity. I could feel that her lyrics came from a true place inside.

As I watched her show, heard her tell the story of unraveling and losing her way – in the process losing herself and her voice – I felt a surge of tears that came from someplace true inside of me. She spoke of not being able to sing, of not being able to write songs, of not being able to find her voice, and I knew that feeling. I’ve been there. I have stood outside of myself wondering why I couldn’t force myself to just ‘do’ what I knew and had done before.

My tears flowed not for her pain, but for the thought of her never writing a song or singing again. I could not fathom never hearing another song written from her heart. I felt that if she never sang again, this world would be less because of it. I cried for the loss I felt inside my heart and the ache I felt for the songs my heart was already connecting to and longing for – something I had no conscious awareness of!

The intensity of the feelings overwhelmed me because in that moment I realized this is how God feels for each one of us…when we do not express what is true inside, when we withhold our beauty…our highest expression of the love we are, then the world is less somehow.

I sat, by myself, watching Shania struggle to reconnect to her voice again, and I knew, in that moment, we are all the same. And, it is this connection that uplifts us and others all at the same time. Each one, a shiny gem of the divine, sparkling like a radiant diamond.

That path back to this connection is different for each one of us, but it is essentially the same process…surrendering, trusting and, eventually, opening to the love we are.

We are all worthy of expression… each person’s as valuable as every other person’s. Let your light and love shine!

Shania Twain Why Not?

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