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I’ve been sharing quite a bit about letting go…the life changes that have affected my life and how I’ve moved through these.

Last week, on Queen of Dreams Radio, I felt inspired to share a Journey Into Your True Self, a guided meditation into your higher self.

This week, Mark and I will be sharing what we’ve learned along the way about loving each other no matter what, how we’ve overcome everything from post-partum depression, a miscarriage, building many businesses together, financial devastation, numerous corporate reorganizations and a layoff, hormonal imbalances, raising an intuitive child, living as a family of sensitives, changes in our love’s maturity over the 11 years we’ve been together and more.

One thing we know for sure is that passion is not about perfection or trying to attain perfect love. Passion is all about energy and finding a way to channel that in a constructive way that uplifts each person within a container called couple.

Join us tonight for whatever goes on the subject of passion, love and connection in a couple. Bring your questions and we’ll share from our hearts all that we know from our own journey thus far!


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