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It’s Not Hard, You Just Don’t Know How to Play It

Over the weekend, I played the new Angry Birds game, Rio, Mark and Chance have on their iTouches. I couldn’t even get past the second level. I quickly tired of the game because it was boring (because I was not good at it). I said aloud, “This game is hard.”

Chance was sitting near me and said, “Mom, it’s not hard. You just don’t know how to play it.”

I thought…Right. I don’t know how to play it, and I also have zero desire to figure it out.

I mused about this little bit of wisdom for the rest of the evening.

I thought of the many things I don’t know how to do, but I easily pick them up and am able to figure them out or attract a mentor or an idea will just drop in my mind. Chance easily figured out this game, but I have never been able to even play it well.

I thought about how some people are good at music and others are good at engineering. We each seem to have our own ‘knack’ in things we enjoy and are naturally attuned to. I see patterns everywhere, so any game with patterns like Tetris or BeJeweled is easy for me. Likewise, when I was an admin, I could look at a form and see all of its parts instantly and create forms effortlessly with no one even telling me how to do it. When I work with people, I can see things all at once…in a business, I can sense when an area needs attention.

Then, I started wondering about how we often keep beating against something that obviously is not our ‘cup of tea,’ and though it is possible to overcome it with enough force, when is it time to say, “Hey, this isn’t for you”? Kind of like me and Angry Birds.

Some people say that everything needs tension. A piece of coal doesn’t become a diamond without tension. Others say that if you are pushing too hard, that’s a sign that you are going the wrong way. Which one is right?

I mused about this and realized it takes both…and knowing how things work for you. For one person, if things are too easy, that person may not trust it. For me, if things are not easy, then I know the way is blocked.

For some, they begin their journey by planning everything out…making lists of pros and cons for whatever it is they are considering. They narrow down their choices and determine what is most important. Then, they get into action and let the signs signal the way. Others, begin by getting into action and letting the signs signal the way and then they ferret through everything else on the back end.

There are as many ‘ways’ as there are people in the world. The only thing needed is to know yours. There’s a specific way you feel really good playing the game of life…one that makes your soul sing. When you play someone else’s game you know it because you don’t feel well. Life doesn’t feel lush and full.

And, for me, Angry Birds is just not my part of my life game. Though I know millions others (including Mark and Chance) love it! :)


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