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God’s Gifting Promise

Yesterday, I wrote about opening the door, and man did that get my juices stirred up!

In the intuitive sessions I do with clients, I’m amazed at how CREATIVE the messengers are. They say so much of the same things to each person, but they use the person’s life, what matters to that person to say the same thing I hear over and over again – the principles of living in the Truth. I’ve always been in awe of the sheer creativity of being able to say something over and over again in a way that always feel fresh, new and original.

One of the things people ask me the most when I’m out is about when I say, “When you ask, it MUST be given. If you aren’t receiving, that’s not God’s fault! If you are truly asking, it is being given.”

People want to know exactly what do I mean by that. And this is it… God’s promise is that when you ask, it is given. Not sometimes on a good day when the messengers are feeling good. Not every other time when you want something really, really badly, but every time. I believe that with health issues – particularly where children are concerned – this is the hardest to comprehend by the mind. I can’t tell you how many children have gotten sick to bring a family together. Or a pet that has soaked in its master’s toxicity to the point of almost dying. This is how we are all in it together. But, by no means is this a bad thing knowing that God’s grace is always available.

In quantum physics, the universal laws are just as supportive. You send out the call, what you send out comes back to you. It is that simple.

Now, here’s where the jammed up thinking happens. You ask, and then you think you know how it is supposed to play out, you think you know how God is going to handle the delivery, you think you know what the delivery will look like, etc. So, with all of this thinking you go to your door (code for your heart and mind united) and ‘look’ ONLY for what you think is going to be delivered.

This is where everyone gets SO CONFUSED! They treat the divine connection like a to-go service delivery instead of this amazing connection that is full of wonder!

The rub is that your conscious mind is a little pea brain that can only filter a very little bit of what is actually going on around you. God’s power is INFINITE, and the part of you that is God is also INFINITE. This is the part of you to use to connect to God’s gifts! Not, the pea brainer!

Your heart can help alert you to how the gifts are coming, but you must let go of running the show and trying to manage God and the messengers!

Yes, there are some ins and outs on this, and I’m writing my next book as fast as I can to share these with you all. For now, I wanted to shatter some of the myths that people are working under that they can’t rely on God’s grace or that the messengers don’t respond. How NOT true! That is like going up to a computer and not understanding how to run a program and then saying the program doesn’t work. It does, but do you know how to use it?

My experience with these amazing, divine beings is that they are eternally patient, kind and loving. They want nothing more than to serve you and assist you. They are better than any FED EX delivery system as they can orchestrate assistance across thousands of miles in an instant! Can you believe it? How fun!

Here’s a little guidance of what I know:

1. Ask good questions. Ask for what you desire. Keep it simple. Be sure it is what you really want. When I work with clients, I can see where they really believe they are asking for what they want, but they really aren’t. Ask at a very elementary level.

2. Be open to receive it in ANY WAY it shows up. If you want time off and it shows up in the form of a health issue, then take it. This just points to your belief that it is really not a good thing to take time off for yourself. The time off comes in a way that you are willing to accept it. Just because the beginning of the time off looks like a health issue doesn’t mean you have to stay with that storyline. You can let it go and enjoy the ride.

3. Let go of figuring out all of the details. Have fun. Wonder how it is going to happen. Stay alert and on the lookout for your gifts. Most people can see something coming toward them within a week. Yes, you read that correctly – about a week, even for the people who really feel bad about receiving. So, if it has been longer than a week, then you need to ensure that you are really on the lookout. :)

4. Ensure what you are asking for is true. Many people say, I want to win the lottery. It is so common as most people think money will handle all of their problems. However, what is true for you is what you feel in the core of your heart. What is it you really desire? For many, with this economic downturn, they really wanted to reconnect to their family, to get back to basics, to quit living the rat race. Ka-boom, in comes the economic devastation, ushering in the time to reconnect, but is the gift welcome? No!

5. Relax, you can ask again and again! People act like they get one ticket to ask for something. They get stressed. I better get this right, they think (I’ve done it – I know!). They also don’t want to get it ‘wrong.’ All of this thinking (are we seeing a pattern here? :) is just slowing you down and zapping your joy. Have fun with this. YOU are the winning ticket and you can ask as many times as you want, all day long, every day, so don’t worry about it. Ask, receive and see what happens. The more you do it, the more you will develop your own connection to God and the Messengers. You can even ask for a better divine connection and relationship with them. That can make the journey even sweeter and more fun!

P.S. You just never know when multiple gifts will arrive in one!

God Gifts

What’s the Point???

This past week, a friend and I talked about life. What’s the point came up over and over again. If we aren’t here to ‘rescue’ or ‘save’ people…if we aren’t here to ‘force’ or ‘make’ something happen…if we aren’t here to accomplish some superhuman type of mission, well, then, exactly WHAT is the point?

We laughed and laughed as we exaggerated the seeming ‘impossibility’ of the answer. And… brilliantly… as Messengers do… she sent me an email a few days later… with the truth I’m writing about. I’ll share the email in a couple of days as I can’t remember it right now (only that it was BRILLIANT) and I’m upstairs on my laptop (and, yes, I don’t know my login to get in remotely).

As I’ve heard over and over again in the hundreds of sessions I’ve done with clients, the point is… love God, love yourself, love others and have a rockin good time with the intersection of those three. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? And, it is… truly, when we stay in our ‘true self.’ It is REALLY hard when we don’t.

Boy, do I know that!

But, what does that really mean?

It means… live in your highest truth (see yourself as God does), ask yourself…What do I LOVE to do?, How would I like to BE each and every day?, and then ask…How can I share the LOVE I am in a way that others will LOVE?

I have seen the miracles that happen when the Messengers come and show people who they truly are. It would be impossible for me to remember all of them, but one that really stayed with me was when Jesus came to show a woman how He saw her. It took my breath away.

What I remember was a little girl playing on the beach. She ran along, carefree and so very loving. So far away from the burdens of the world. Jesus walked hand-in-hand with her on the beach. He began to talk about knowing her for so very long. How He knew her when she was only a spark. A star of light…and He began to share about her heart. The design of her desire to serve others.

As I write this, I find myself struggling to remember the details, and yet the feeling swirled around us in a magical way. There’s something that happens when the person recognizes the Truth about themselves. The judging part may not accept it, but the heart knows the Truth when it hears it, and somehow…everything changes.

Are you willing to see the Truth of all that you are? I hope so… the view is breathtaking.

The point is to discover it and share it with others! God has created you to be you – What does the ‘you’ God knows (and you do too) look like?

If you don’t know…ask God to show you. Just pray and then open up your heart to what you see, feel, hear. You are the spark in the creator’s eye!