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Meditation Made Easier and More Intentional with Expand This Moment

Last night on my show, John Selby, the author of more than 20 books, shared with us his new breakthrough process in meditation – Expand this Moment. As you all know, I am all about anything that is practical, intentional and adds to a person’s purpose. This process is all three!

If you haven’t listened to the podcast, John walked listeners through the entire process, and you can access more meditation videos at his web site.

I have many reasons for being excited about this work, but the primary one is that it is essential. What do I mean by that? Well, I mean that it works with that which is essential within us, so there’s no ‘getting there’ or ‘adding to’ or ‘figuring it out.’ John starts with the breath and adds pretty much everything you need to ‘focus on’ for a well-rounded, abundant life. With practice, you could do all 12 of the focus phrases in less than 5 minutes!

Most of us, probably including John, have taken the longer route. I know when I first started my meditation practice, I meditated for 2 HOURS per day. Most people tell me they don’t even have 10 minutes to meditate. So, John has figured out a way to capture what is essential ONLY, and then has brought it to you in a way that allows you to only access what you need to get optimal benefit.

The process is in the podcast and the videos on John’s site; however, I believe the book is worth buying because of all of the ‘gems’ John includes in it – stories, simple phrases to remind us of an important aspect, what to do when things aren’t working well on the way to things working well, etc. Though his background as a psychologist is not at the forefront of this book, his caring and gentle nature shines through on each page.

For those of you who have every wondered while meditating…am I doing it right? This very well may be the technique that answers that question definitively!


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