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Happy Earth Day Earth Mother!

I’ve been having a love affair with Mother Earth for years now. I remember when I was little and I learned about pollution. I felt FRANTIC about this ‘issue’ – we MUST do something! Let’s go DO something about this POLLUTION.

And, like most kids, I heard the typical…there’s nothing we can ‘do’ – it’s a big, big issue, and there are people who work on that sort of thing, and blah, blah, blah.

But, I never forgot that feeling of… that energy of…MOVE – do something.

So, since then, I decided I would do what I can. I chose litter as my pet project – ever since I was about six I’ve been picking up trash along the road, along the picnic grounds, around my house, and pretty much wherever I am. I figure between NOT LITTERING and picking up the litter I see I can make a contribution.

In our family littering is a BIG NO-NO! The first time Chance even thought about throwing something out the window, he got an earful about how Mother Earth is our home, and we don’t throw garbage on the floor in our house, so why would we do that outside in our big bubble?

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about dreams is that I believe each person is born dreaming of their purpose, of their contribution, of their desire to be of service in the world. When we each show up with our little piece of the puzzle, the big picture takes care of itself. There are people who LITERALLY spend 80 years of their life caring for monkeys (Jane Goodall), and others who spend 50 years of their life in Antarctica studying ice and its melting point (I don’t remember the name of the guy, but I’ll never forget his story I saw on a documentary), and still others who commit a portion of their life to standing for what they believe in (Julia Butterfly Hill) and protecting those who can’t speak outwardly for themselves (Luna – the ancient tree Julia protected).

What I love about Earth Day is that it reminds us that Mother Earth is a gift to ALL of us, and we each can give a gift to Mother Earth. The guys at Method gave her a biggie…biodegradable cleaning products…while giving us one – cleaning products that really work.

What is your gift to Mother Earth? Planting a tree? Planting flowers? Raising bees? Raising a tree crop? Whatever it is…make it your own, and give it straight from the heart… :)


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