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Serendipity and Winning the Lotto

So, I have been wanting to blog about this for weeks now! Did you hear about what happened right before the group, now known as the Albany Seven, won their $312 million dollar jackpot?

Well, this is what happened.

The guy who went to buy the lotto ticket, bent down to get a Snickers. A guy cut in front of him to buy a ticket first. The Albany Seven guy doesn’t make a stink about it, but ends up buying the winning QUICK PICK because of the DELAY in purchasing the ticket.

Wow, how amazing is that? Do you believe in destiny or serendipity?

Some papers reported that an eighth person who usually plays said he ‘didn’t feel lucky’ that day. While the Albany Seven say this is absolutely not true, it still makes me wonder…do we create our own luck with our attention? Read the full story about the Albany Seven here.

I sure do believe energy follows intention after happening to stumble across Cynthia Stafford’s story. Cynthia, at the time of her lottery win, was in jeopardy of losing custody of her brother’s children. Tragically, her brother was killed in an accident with a drunk driver. Cynthia had been praying for an answer. What surprised me most about Cynthia’s prayers and intention is that she picked the number $112 million out of the air and began to focus on it, slept with it and visualized it.

Several weeks later, she hit the California Lottery jackpot winning exactly $112 million!

Now, you all know how the numbers are up and down and not predictable in how much the jackpot accumulates each week. Wow!


On another note, I know a woman who woke up with the numbers in her head for the lottery. She did not play, and those numbers hit the next day! Can you imagine how you would feel? And, especially, when you heard of an 18-year-old all the way across the nation who had the SAME THING happen? This teenager woke up with these numbers pumping through his mind. By noon, he was being driven crazy by hearing these numbers over and over again. Finally, after consulting with his mom, he bought a ticket and he won that night!

Many people ask me about winning the lottery and if it is possible to visualize a win. I do believe so if you are in alignment with believing it IS possible at some level. I have collected WAY TOO MANY of these stories over the years to believe otherwise.

So, if the lottery is calling your name, be sure to pick up the phone!

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