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If You Believe You Can, You Can

Over the years, I have often wondered why one person can heal almost instantly and miraculously while another one gets an instant benefit and then lapses back into dis-ease. My questions have yielded various answers from not maintaining the ‘vibration’ of wholeness to ‘reaching back into dis-ease’ with one’s thoughts. They are essentially the same thing, but I realize that some people seem to have a mindset that naturally looks for what is wrong while others naturally have a set point toward what is possible.

In my quest to unravel the riddle of all humanity, I have wondered if people can change. And, if they truly can, then is this most beneficial? I wonder if we are meant to just ride the rail of whatever we are or are we supposed to move and evolve.

What I’ve observed over a lifetime is that we can never get away from what we are. What we are, though, is constantly changing, flexing with our reactions to our experience. But, in this, there is a constant…the soul is always what it is and never deviates from what it is and how it expresses. This is the highest and best inside of us, and it is always guiding us like a light within.

I see soul gifts that reflect the being’s soul wisdom, and this wisdom is always seeking to serve. No matter how closed off the person is, this energy is seeking its expression.

The rest, I believe, is up for change. We, as humans, are some of the most unevolved creatures with the most amazing ability to adapt. We could evolve quickly and yet if we remain trapped in our humanness, we seemingly evolve at a snail’s pace.

As humans, we have one function that allows us to rise above. It is our ability to consciously connect to divine…higher consciousness. We can literally bypass the smallest part of us and choose to go beyond; we may choose to expand into all that is and all that we already are.

This is such a comforting thought…to realize that if you believe you can, you can. With a simple shift in focus, a change in thought, we can literally make giant leaps in consciousness.

Dare to believe and think you can!

Dare to Believe You Can, Dare to Dream Big

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