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Jet Blue Flight Attendant Gone Crazy?

For those of you who listen to my show, you know I’ve been telling everyone to be AWARE of your anger as this summer’s energy is fast, and furious as it takes us more and more to our inner Truth.

The Jet Blue flight attendant, Steven Slater, outburst and Anthony Weiner’s outrage on the house floor are not coincidences as many people feel more and more pressure inside of themselves when they try to ‘quiet’ and ignore their Truth. Increasingly, people are letting it rip, so to speak, as they find it harder to overcome their feelings of irritation, outrage and pure anger.

Mark has been calling this summer “The Summer of Angry Women” as I have been experiencing more and more frustration, similar to these two men, about various things I believe passionately about – serving others from a true open heart without prejudice – regardless of how politically correct those prejudices are, for example. Not only have I been feeling all of this, but clients have been calling too with stories of anger that can’t be suppressed. “What’s wrong with me?” some ask.

I believe there’s nothing wrong with you. Your biology is telling it like it is. You are angry for a reason. It’s your job to figure out what that reason is.

I believe that we are a tipping point energetically. With global economic crisis (a.k.a. change), and a two to three year cycle of people in limbo, it doesn’t surprise me that people are feeling consumed with anger in its various forms.

This idea that we all are supposed to plaster smiles on our faces and not address the grit underneath is amplified during this summer as the energy is faster and unrelenting. Wherever you go, there you are, and whatever you have not been addressing in your own life WILL DEMAND your attention.

So, while I’m not saying “let ‘er rip”… I am saying, listen to your anger, your frustration, your irritations. What are you trying to ignore that won’t allow you to ignore it anymore? What action can you take right now?

I believe anger is a catalyst. It points to opportunity. For instance, with Steven, perhaps he has been desiring a different life but didn’t listen to himself. Well, he certainly is going to get some time to ponder this as he heads for the beach and a much-needed break, it appears. Every part of you will take you to what you most desire. That includes the emotion called anger.

I interviewed a woman recently for a project we are collaborating on to assist people who are displaced and who haven’t looked for a job since before the Internet even existed. As I asked question after question, I noticed that her frustration points took me right to an opportunity to serve better and to address issues people are not talking about. She was angry about how companies don’t think ahead… how they can be short-sided in how they serve. Some part of her was saying ENOUGH … we’ve got to serve people, help each other and get our country back to work!

So, before you run off thinking that your anger is something to merely be tolerated, consider that it is something to be celebrated. And, before you take in casualties with your anger, spend some time with your anger… following the grit lines (akin to grout lines) and notice what your anger is pointing out as a tremendous opportunity for you – RIGHT NOW.

Oh, and this is to Mark… my darling husband… apparently this is just “The Angry Summer”… an equal opportunity anger-opportunity fest for men and women alike.

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