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Happy 11-11-11

Hello Friends…

Last night, I interviewed Aleya Dao ( on my show, Queen of Dreams Radio ( I had received her amazing CD prior to the show and I had a sense the show would be special somehow, but I had no idea just how special it would be!

For many years I have heard people talk about the end of the Mayan Calendar, the year 2012 and ‘the ascension.’ Quite honestly, none of this has ever ‘spoken’ to me. When I would hear the doom and gloom, I would tune into my own guidance and would get a sense of ‘not true.’ I believe every person has their right to their own perspective, so I would just accept that these viewpoints were from another perspective and simply accept that they were for that person, but not for me.

My own journey has been full of so many wonderful miracles, messengers and wonderful experiences I have been busy enough and, again, quite honestly not pulled to be ‘concerned’ about what this 2012 is all about. I have literally felt no concern about researching it or studying what others think about it. My own sense was that it was ‘good’ – whatever it was.

Yesterday, working with a client, I had the opportunity to share what I have been sensing on planet Earth. I have been seeing for years that many loving, tender hearts who have felt tossed around on the waves of the mass consciousness feeling battered by the storm of the energetic uprisings that are now being reflected in our world on nearly every continent. These sensitive souls have gone underground – many of them, though not all – as the world has gotten more in the ‘mind’ aspect and the dog-eat-dog world has gnashed at itself in survival mode.

And, then, this year I felt a lightning of the heaviness – as early as January. By June, the energies seemed to be swirling in a much more positive way. I began to notice less ferocity in the air (despite the external experience that was born in prior energies) and more of an energy of acceptance. By September, I had noticed more shifting and the energies felt swifter, more uplifting. The mind aspects seemed to be less ‘apparent,’ less of a hindrance to ‘being.’ I have been shifting right along with these energies, and feeling so supported! Around October 23, I noticed what I felt as a ‘quickening’ and Mark and I stepped into a greater creation ourselves…in response to my soul’s work, and my heart felt so HAPPY!

For the first time since my own awakening, I have been able to go ‘out’ in the world and feel completely at ease and good without the energetic side effects of becoming ill. I have felt so like myself again! I enjoy meeting and talking to people. I have been so grateful to be ‘in’ the world again.

All of this, and then Aleya Dao shows up last night, on the eve of a transformational event – 11/11/11 – and shares the ‘back story’ of what is and has been going on for the planet on an energetic level! It has been what I have felt and what I’ve noticed in clients – a returning to the heart – fully and completely.

When she spoke of 11-11-11 and what it means for a new ‘energy’ to rule the world, my heart resonated with her words. I have never felt 2012 was about doom or gloom. I have always maintained this time would be a shift, a gift of great magnitude. That has been what I’ve carried in my heart for years as I’ve met others talking about this subject. I have not, until last night with Aleya, found a ‘match’ to what I know is true.

Right now, one of the most important things for you to know is that if your ‘mind’ is running out of control with what to ‘do’ or what to ‘try’ to do, then just stop. The energy of the ‘mind’ is moving out. Our planet has been ruled by this energy for thousands of years, perhaps even more. Now, is the time for the heart to begin to rule our creations, our innovations, our uplifting of human consciousness. I know that if you are reading this right now, your essence – your very being – is attuned to the heart.

Now is your time! It’s your time to listen, without fear, to what your heart is guiding you to and to KNOW that you are given all you need for its accomplishment. And, then ACT from that place! Of course,  I’ve seen for YEARS heart people trying to create from the mind. My own crisis originated in this! There is no need for you to be anything other than what you are … loving, caring, inspired. Heart people – creative power people is what I call you – move from inspiration. When you don’t, you probably don’t get very good results. Think of your path, think of what has happened… see what is true for you. Heart people ride the wave of Spirit…and, as you know, Spirit can guide you to the highest branch of the tallest tree! There’s no need to be like a squirrel on the ground digging for nuts – that’s what the mind does! For creative power people, if you hope to live your lives full of well-being, you must learn – once and for all – that your mind does not hold your answers. You are ‘built’ to move from inspiration!

I invite you to listen to the show last night and to hear Aleya’s inspiring story of what this shift is all about. Why now is the time for you if you have ever wanted to be a lightworker but feared being persecuted, if you have felt in your heart that you must help the world in some way but nothing ever seems to pan out, if you know you are here for a greater purpose but have not had the courage to act.

If there ever was a time to embrace all that you are…according to Aleya, the next three to four months is it!

I see it all around… already for those sensitive souls that have been meandering in their minds. The heart is here to guide you and the energies now will ensure that you, truly, will know and, more importantly, feel your heart’s guidance – greater than ever before.

Aleya is a sound healer and shares her energy in the form of sound. I know this is how the Angelic Realm has been assisting… by voice…or rather through the voice frequency of those who speak (I’m swimming in professional speakers right now who are shifting!) Smile

If this message resonates with your heart, consider sampling Aleya’s Cups of Consciousness to experience how these vibrational cups can enhance your own vibration.

She creates a ‘cup’ each day for you to have with your cup of joe or tea – you can listen to this in the background as you check email. And, the sound will simply help you attune to the ‘energy’ of the day. It’s like attuning your energy field to what’s up on planet Earth so you can go with the flow instead of feeling battered by the energies out there! You are an energetic being… all there is is energy!

Aleya offers a one-week completely free subscription to her cups. I had to laugh… when I read her site, she says: “No obligation, no hooks, no catch, no credit card. (Some things in life are actually free!)” That suspiciousness and fed-up-ness is the ‘old’ energy we are saying good-bye to now in this shift (YAY!!!) So, I would invite you to grab a cup and open to today’s bathing of a new era of energies to live, dance and love in!

Life is good. If life isn’t good for you… then maybe it’s time to start listening to your heart and following it. There, you have every answer you need or desire!

All my love…