Time for a Drama Diet?

I noticed a few months ago that Bravo (the television station) runs ads that tout Drama by Bravo. Today, I flipped on the TV and see A&E’s crazy commercial for Hoarders. At the end, I see A&E|Life Scripted and then the word Drama.

I already know many people who are addicted to reality drama. Some addicted to police show drama. Since when did drama become a commercial stamp of guaranteed ratings?

I believe it is since people quit living their own lives and decided to hook themselves up to a daily dose of drama to feel they are alive.

I talked to a friend a couple of weeks ago and she said that since she began living her own life, she has had to cut way back on the drama. She simply no longer craves it.

I know that when I was knee-deep in the ditch, I could hardly wait to get a nice dose of drama at night. Now, we rarely watch it, and if we like the show’s premise (like Project Runway), we just skip all of the drama and watch the final runway and judging.

Well, isn’t that fascinating?

What’s your drama quotient?

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