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A Trip to the Woods

A few weeks ago, I got to visit Italy, Canada and a whole lot of Creative Spaces from other bloggers.

One of them stood out to me in brilliant nature…A Cottage in the Woods. If you’d like to have a wonderful trip to the woods, go here and enjoy!

I’m not sure if you all ever visit creative, artsy blogs, but they have been an obsession of mine for nearly two years. I dream in these graphics and art-full things. I love to collage and find vintage treasures.

I know that spirituality and art don’t necessarily go together, but I do know that the spirit is creative. I’ll post some more faves, too, soon.

Loved Vicki’s 2 Bags Full bird style and her stories…plus the travel! Bring a cup of tea to this visit. Oh, and speaking of travel, remember that Eat Pray Love comes out Friday, August 13!

Woods, Nature Trail

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