I am so amazed with myself that I have held off as long as I have on this post. I am also amazed that this movie didn’t do better than it did at the box office. Months ago, as I watched the clips and previews, I wondered if knowing the entire ‘story’ would affect attendance. I mean, who wants to shell out cash to go see a movie they ‘think’ they already know the beginning, the middle and the end?

I wondered about this myself since after the PR circuit, I knew the ‘story’ and knew the horse won the triple crown for the first time in umpteen years.

Yet somehow, this movie pulled me in and lured me to go see it opening week. Though I might be a tad bit more sensitive than the average bird, I am not the only one who felt the call to this movie. Nearly every person in my current program went to see it opening week. My mom did, too (and she only goes ‘to’ the movies once or twice a year!)

Here’s my two cents. GO SEE IT!!! It’s one of those movies you really want to experience on the big screen. Really. Mom and I are even planning to go see it AGAIN on the big screen. I can’t even remember the last time I did that – the original Rocky and Grease come to mind. That was a LONG time ago!

Mom and I talked about this movie for an HOUR about the nuances of the events that led to Secretariat’s moment (and all of those involved in his historical place in time).

My point?

It’s not about the triple crown win.

This movie is about being a winner as my mom put it. It’s about following your heart. About listening to your gut when everyone and everything around you says not to. About grabbing life by the handle and hanging on. About being mighty and humble when everything inside of you wants to lash out. About doing things even when they are inconvenient. About being the wrong gender at the wrong time in the wrong industry and finding yourself triumphant – not because you are difference, but because you are. It’s a big-time movie about second chances.

And, for those of you who have read my many posts on horse spirit (just search horse spirit on my site to find them), this movie is about horse spirit and the energy of being allowed to be yourself – even if that isn’t ‘acceptable’ to others.

I could go on and on about the performances, but I won’t because the performances delivered these messages in such a powerful way.

For those of you who have families and who try to keep your kids from ingesting violence, this is a keeper.

Secretariat so captured our imaginations that we did some research about him and found out that he had an abnormally LARGE HEART – 22 POUNDS! That’s the heart of a winner!

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