A month or so ago, I chatted on the phone with a friend, and mentioned an idea for a blog post – the five books that changed my life! Immediately he was curious, “Which ones?” I rattled them off and why, and we finished out conversation, but I never did the post!

The primary reason I wanted to share this is because I call these ‘game changers’ – these books literally changed how I viewed the world and how it works. Once you have come in contact with a game changer – book, person, or otherwise – you are literally never the same again! There are many other books that have changed my life in other ways…today’s post is about changing the game.

Here they are…Five books that can rock your perspective.

Your Money or Your Life Book

This book rocked my world in my twenties. Back then, I had not yet had the experience of ‘abundance’ financially, but it helped me see my life as valuable. I had eagerly worked 80 hour weeks in the pursuit of nickels and dimes so I could buy my first house, buy my first car, go back to school and buy the ‘good’ things in life.

Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin outlined just how much an hour of my time was really worth. They were talking about life force and then challenging me, as the reader, to ask myself, “Do you really want to spend 6 hours of your life to buy this?” This completely changed how I looked at money, how I looked at my own value (though there was so much more to learn and expand into), how to play the money game to win, and truly…for me to challenge myself about why I wanted to buy things.



My very first spiritual mentor, Hefina Glenys, gave this book to me to borrow. Florence Scovel Shinn was part of the spiritualist movement in America back in the 1920s. This book is written in a similar style to many other spiritualists I’ve discovered since then, such as Catherine Ponder, but Florence was my first. I’ll always be grateful for her energy she poured into that book. I remember immediately feeling a surge of energy unlike anything I have every felt while reading a book. I believed her. I trusted her. I could literally feel her heart and desire to help others to enjoy life and to succeed.

On every page, she introduced spiritual basics – watch your words, focus on what you want and, most importantly (for me), many varied stories about how so many other people had used these techniques to improve their lives. Since then, I feel I have earned a degree in Spirit University, but Florence’s book helped me trust the principles because they truly came alive in this book. Her other books moved me in similar ways.




For nearly five years, I helped people as they came one-by-one for help with various crises going on in their life. I didn’t advertise – these people found me through other people. Each one had major healing crises to experience (as did I at the time), and I would simply listen and follow guidance that took me (and them) into breakthroughs in healing.

I had no idea why the healings worked or how they worked, I just knew that they did. But, the nagging I felt in my mind because I couldn’t say how they worked seemed to never go away. During my post-graduate work, I encountered Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D., which documents and describes in glorious detail the interrelated workings of energy giving my mind – at last – the answer I so wanted. This book contains Stanford Researchers (among others) who have spent their lives documenting the why and many other insights into how energy healing works. It is amazing!


Wake Up and Live

I discovered Dorothea Brande one day on a trip to the local Half Price Books. I followed an invisible stream of energy to a group of books that I had not ever noticed before. These were in the writing section, and I, though I am a writer, have not ever purchased books like these. On that shelf, I found Dorothea Brande’s, Becoming a Writer. I flipped it open amazed to find that Dorothea was writing about things I’ve discovered about the mind nearly a century before! I was intrigued, and so I bought it. As I read it, I could feel how connected this woman was to her inner workings. Of course, I wanted to know more, so I went looking for anything else she might have written. In that search, I found her classic, Wake Up and Live! This is truly not written in conversational language, but had such a profound effect on me I recommend it to others. This book was the beginning of her ‘surrender’ to become the author she always dreamt of being, and in 1934 she ‘gave herself’ to that energy and this very book sold more than 2 MILLION copies! In it is advice that would be helpful to anyone with a dream, and perhaps, more importantly, the energy of YES YOU CAN!


The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program

I’ve blogged about my life-changing experience of giving up sugar, and learning that I am a ‘sugar-sensitive’ person – an addict to the substance is an appropriate description. This book changed my life in ways that I could never thank Dr. DesMaisons enough for (she’ll be on Queen of Dreams Radio on October 13, 2011), but the physical healing pales in comparison to the letting go of the shame and guilt I’ve carried around for the way I’ve felt about the way I have ‘acted’ under the influence over the years. In addition, realizing that I am not the person I am ‘under the influence’ has freed me – heart and soul – in a way I can’t even begin to describe other than I now have a huge void where once before a cloud of energy lived. I constantly supervised my every thought, my impulses, my irrational thoughts… I’ve even created tons of tools working with helpers to work ‘around’ my so-called deficiencies. Yes, I still use those tools, but not in the same way. Today, I have more energy to give to others because I am not using so much of it to manage my inner states. This is truly the one book that has changed my life the most. How can I describe what it is like to think you are one way and to discover you aren’t?! And, perhaps this is why this was the FIRST thing I was guided to do more than 5 years ago! Listen, listen, listen and the ACT! Smile

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