I’ve had a chance to talk to a few people the last few days who have reminded me of how far I’ve come in the last few years. Most of you know I went through a big life shift, ego shattering, dark night of the soul [insert what you will for hell here] a few years ago. And, even though it was hard, tough, what have you I would never, ever change anything because the clarity I have now, the sense of who I am, the love for myself, the connection with the Creator and Divine messengers that flows so easily are all part of my most cherished experiences.

Bumping up against the past, realizing that people take a snapshot of us, put a description on it and then label it as ‘you’ [insert name here] is challenging to the ego when you’ve moved along the continuum and the ‘you’ that you know is no longer a match to that. That was ‘you’ then, this is ‘you’ now.

The ego-mind wants control – always. Forever it is trying to make things what it wants. And, that includes trying to manage everyone else’s perceptions of who ‘you’ are.

Fugettaboutit…there’s no way to ever win that ego-mind war. But, the very best thing you can do to better deal with it is to gain clarity by letting go. Clarity of who you are, clarity of purpose, clarity of spirit, clarity of gifts, and then act in alignment with that clarity. Soon, your photo gets updated and you’ll get a new description in that person’s mind, and even perhaps, a new label.

Above all… love every part of who you are, where you’ve been, and what you’ve created…it’s all part of YOUR journey. And, don’t forget, pictures are taken all along the way!


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