Today, we are having our second-annual, After Halloween Halloween Party.

Since Chance was a baby, we have held a big Halloween Bash. Last year we ran out of days, and decided to just go ahead and have it the weekend after Halloween. That worked out so well (can you even believe how busy people are with trick-or-treating, church carnivals, school carnivals and such during the month of October?), we decided to do it again!

I have always loved Halloween. Perhaps it is part of my thespian nature that I love to dress up and act the part, and perhaps it is my love of fantasy that makes Halloween such a magical time.

As you all know, we were up in Washington, D.C. and Maryland this past week and got to trick-or-treat and see how others celebrate this fun holiday. From apple cider to new ways to catch the treats and pumpking carving, we enjoyed seeing new traditions, seeing dear friends and meeting new ones.

As I plan for the party tonight, complete with many games for the kids (can you say Monster Dance Freeze and Hot Pumpkin?), I find myself reflecting on my own childhood. My costumes were some of the most elaborate get-ups thanks to my mom who could sew. Acting out the character was as much fun as the treats themselves. I remember spending weeks figuring out what I would be and planning out my costume. Life is made up of special moments strung together by memories…these are some of my favorites.

I hope the kids tonight enjoy the festivities. I am sitting here typing this rocking out to the Halloween Party channel on Pandora… Monster Mash is playing right now! Wow, it just goes to show you how far we’ve come since I was a kid!

Halloween Party

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