About a month or so ago, I attended an author’s panel at a local group. There were nine of us authors who were asked to attend to talk about the ins and outs of writing a book, publishing a book and so forth.

One of the things that I took away from the evening is a greater commitment to share with the world God’s love for them no matter who they are (including myself). The catalyst?

A well-known personal development guru who shall remain nameless.

When I arrived, I pulled out my new book, Must Be Present to Win and put it on the table along with my first book, The Power of Love. Yes, we were at a business get together, but since most of my clients are business people who take more trips to the ditch than most would dare admit, I really didn’t think much about it.

A friend who is a publicist, came up and suggested I give this person a copy of my book, which I did. She admitted that she was primarily there to get guests for her syndicated radio show. That seemed great to me as I had just heard of her a couple of hours before the gathering. Before that, I had no idea who she was – never even knew she was supposed to be a ‘big deal.’

I gave her my book. She thanked me for it. And, offhandedly turned around and asked me why I wrote it.

I told her I had a crisis that gave me an amazing experience with heavenly beings and that I documented the tools that came out of that experience in the book. I didn’t tell her that I felt it was the least I could do to thank all of the people, the messengers who came to help me find my way back to the living.

She said, “So your faith is important you?”

I said, “Absolutely.”

She said, “Well, mine is EVERYTHING, if you know what I mean. And, if yours isn’t mine, then you don’t get on my show.”

The energy she exuded was firm and she spoke forcefully. I started to feel sick to my stomach. For about 10 seconds, I allowed this energy to affect me, but then I said to myself, “No. I don’t have to accept this. I know God loves all of us.”

For me, I have done my best to share a message of love and hope to people. I’m not perfect, and often fall short of the aim even though Jesus is one of my guiding lights. He has shared with me…“Do not worry about the religions of the world. I know every heart. Every heart is mine.”

Most of my clients are Christian…usually they have drifted from their faith and are looking for comfort. Jesus is the Divine Comforter and Compassionate Heart. This is why every heart is his. He is within every heart already. To know Him, is to simply return to your heart.

I walked away from the event knowing this person was a Messenger for me. Her message? “Do you accept yourself wholly for who you are?”

In that moment, I began to accept myself in a way that is courageous. I am what I am. I am intuitive. I can hear divine guidance. I do have a high level of discernment, so not only can I hear it, but I can see who the messenger is and know who it is that has brought the messages. This means I am a medium, in the vocabulary of today.

I do assist others to reunite with their Truth, their divinity. And, yes, my faith is very important to me, and, yes, most of the people who attract to me are Christian. I didn’t ask for this. Jesus came to me when I was a little girl. He has asked me to help his people – all of his people – just as he has requested of me my entire life.

So, I thank this person for bringing the gift that has allowed me to walk courageously in a world that may not always understand that God works in mysterious ways, and brings messengers of light in many different packages.

Mark said something to me the next day as I grappled with the message I’m sharing here. He said, “You know, every person is one experience away from changing everything they believe.” The truth of what he said was undeniable. I’ve seen what one encounter with the divine can do for a person. And, this, ultimately is why I continue to be who I am.

Acceptance, Accept Yourself

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